Spanish chamber of commerce

About Us

About Us

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa is a non-profit private entity whose main objective is the promotion of the commercial, economic and industrial relations between Spain and South Africa. Focusing on strengthening trade and business ties between Spain and the Republic of South Africa.

The SCC’s most pivotal objective is creating a fertile ground for business prosperity for both the countries companies. Through facilitating conferences with influential policy makers, government officials and directors of companies, the SCC creates platforms for its members to receive clarity on economic and social climates in Spain and South Africa.

The SCC hosts different events throughout the year, inviting its members and other companies not only to promote trade and cooperation agreements between them but also to improve the cultural and friendly relationship between Spanish and South African. Different networking events where many companies established across the world, come to present themselves and make cooperation between companies a much easier task.

Through access to a wide variety of publications, events and applications related to Spain, the Chamber provides its members with extensive information on: Investment and trade opportunities and General information on South African Business. The Spanish Chamber offers a multitude of services that increase bilateral relationships between Spain and South Africa, offering a wide range of services to support companies in both markets. A detailed description of these services can be found under services.

Members of the Chamber receive careful attention in all the services that we offer such as; information, consultancy, Member to Member special offers, or promotion of your company’s products and services. Contact us for more info.

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To promote our members business related interests, and the commercial and industrial relations between Spain and South Africa


To create a strong and prestigious community in South Africa where our members share their common interest in strengthening the business relationship between both countries